Seafarer’s Surviving Legitimate Spouse, a Necessary Party in a Complaint for Death Benefits

In Leonis Navigation Agency, Inc. v. Dagos,1G.R. No. 241909, January 14, 2019. the Supreme Court ruled that the surviving legitimate spouse of the seafarer is not an indispensable party but only a necessary party in a complaint for death benefits. According to the Court, there is no law stating that only the legal spouse has the legal standing to institute a complaint to claim death benefits under the Amended Standard Terms and Conditions Governing the Overseas Employment of Filipino Seafarers On-Board Ocean-Going Ships2Philippine Overseas Employment Administration Memorandum Circular No. 10-10.. The failure to implead her will not result in the dismissal of the claim.

Further reading:

  • Leonis Navigation Agency, Inc. v. Dagos, G.R. No. 241909, January 14, 2019.